geom drawbase64


Draw the input geometry to a base 64 encoded string.


  • -y –type: The image type (png or jpeg)
  • -p –prefix: The flag to include the prefix (data:image/png;base64,) or not
  • -w –width: The image width
  • -h –height: The image height
  • -b –background: The background color
  • -i –backgroundImage: The background image url or file
  • -s –stroke: The stroke Color
  • -t –strokeOpacity: The stroke opacity
  • -r –strokeWidth: The stroke width
  • -l –fill: The fill Color
  • -o –fillOpacity: The fill opacity
  • -m –shape: The marker shape (circle, square, ect..)
  • -z –size: The marker size
  • -c –drawCoords: The flag for drawing coordinates or not
  • -e –envelope: The geographical bounds (minx, miny, maxx, maxy)
  • -g –geometry: The input geometry
  • –help : Print help message
  • –web-help : Open help in a web browser


geom drawbase64 -g "POLYGON ((5 5, 5 15, 15 15, 15 5, 5 5))"